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How do I get started?

Fast and Easy Start to your Green Card Petition

Please contact us at 323.238.4620 or submit the online Consultation Request form to schedule a free consultation with Attorney Michael S. Cho.  If you meet the legal requirements to proceed with the Green Card Petition, you can receive instant access today to a variety of materials needed to get started on your Green Card petition.

Plain English Instructions Prepared Specifically For You

After your free attorney consultation with us, you will receive introductory materials and be fully informed of everything needed to get started on your Green Card petition right away.  The introductory materials include a detailed letter from Attorney Michael S. Cho explaining the best strategy for obtaining a green card given your particular situation; client questionnaires to be filled out by you, your spouse, and any financial joint-sponsors; a list of all Supporting Documents you will need to gather and send to our office; sample certificates of translations and affidavits; and strategies to prepare for the USCIS interview and maximize the chances of your green card petition's final approval.
Professional Preparation and Expedited Attorney Filing

After you complete your client questionnaires and send them to my office along with all Supporting Documents, your application for lawful permanent residency ("green card") will be professionally prepared by our firm and personally reviewed by attorney Michael S. Cho for completeness and accuracy. It will be filed in an expedited manner with the USCIS.
Real-Time Case Status Available 24 Hours a Day

Both you and our office will receive a notice from the USCIS confirming receipt of your green card petition. You will be eligible for and receive a temporary Employment Authorization Document that will allow you to work legally while your petition is being processed. You may be eligible for a Travel Permit which is necessary to leave the country while your application is pending. All important USCIS correspondence pertaining to your case will be scanned and is made available for your review.
Thorough Preparation for your Green Card Interview

You will receive a notice in the mail stating the date and location of your scheduled green card interview. Both you and your spouse must attend this interview and have a complete set of updated documentation ready to be presented to the USCIS officer. We will prepare everything you need for this interview as well as prep you for any trick questions that may be asked.
Once you are approved at your interview, you will receive a temporary stamp in your passport.

This serves as valid proof of lawful permanent residence until your green card is made and sent to you by U.S. mail.
Complementary Monitoring and Maintenance of your Green Card Status

Depending upon how recent your marriage was when you received your green card, you are required by law to file a petition to remove the condition on your lawful residency in order to avoid automatic cancellation of your green card.  The Law Offices of Michael S. Cho can monitor your immigrant status at no extra charge even after your case has formally ended. We will attempt notify you when it is time to file your petition and thereby help you maintain your legal status in the country